Backstage at Teatr Chorea's 2012 BACCHANTKI in Łódź, at Teatr Szwalnia, holding a cheat sheet of Greek chorus lyrics. Photo by Kailai Chen.

Dara Weinberg (put an “@” between daraweinberg and is a writer, originally from Los Angeles, currently living in Poland.

Her writing (archived here), is published in,,, American Theatre Magazine, Greatest Uncommon Denominator, CultureSpot Los Angeles, the Hopkins Review, Urbanite Baltimore, Foothill, and Explosion-Proof.

Texts for performance she has written or co-written have been produced or are forthcoming at the Washington National Opera (as part of the American Opera Initiative), Cincinnati’s NaNo Opera Works, the Opera America showcase, the Kraków Jewish Culture Festival, the Touch Theatre (Dotknij Teatru) Festival in Łódź, and elsewhere. Forms related to the Greek chorus are an ongoing obsession.

She holds an MFA from the Writing Seminars at Johns Hopkins University and has taught creative writing, media studies, and theater at universities in the US and Poland.


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