Backstage at Teatr Chorea's 2012 BACHANTKI in Łódź, at Teatr Szwalnia, holding a cheat sheet of Greek chorus lyrics. Photo by Kailai Chen.

Dara Weinberg is a writer and theater person, originally from Los Angeles, currently living in Poland. Forms related to the Greek chorus are an ongoing obsession.

Texts for performance (produced or forthcoming): Washington National Opera (American Opera Initiative), the Maryland Science Center, Cincinnati’s NaNo Opera Works, Opera America, the Kraków Jewish Culture Festival, the Touch Theatre (Dotknij Teatru) Festival in Łódź, and the DC Fringe with MOVEiUS Contemporary Ballet.

Writing: HowlRound.com, NewInternationalTheatreNews.org, Biweekly.pl, American Theatre Magazine, and elsewhere.
Directing: California, Oregon, Colorado, Maryland, Germany, Poland, and Hungary.
Teaching: Creative writing, theater, film, and media studies at universities in the US and Poland since 2009; numerous chorus and poetry workshops for actors and students.

In Kazimierz, Kraków. August 2014. Photo by Dara Bramson

In Kazimierz, Kraków. August 2014. Photo by Dara Bramson

She holds degrees from Johns Hopkins (MFA, Writing Seminars) and Stanford and is the recipient of two Fulbright grants to study Polish theater.

She has co-founded two theater ensembles in the US that still produce new work: the Indy Convergence (IN) and Parallel Octave (MD).

Contact: put an “@” between daraweinberg and gmail.com.