Backstage at Teatr Chorea's 2012 BACCHANTKI in Łódź, at Teatr Szwalnia, holding a cheat sheet of Greek chorus lyrics. Photo by Kailai Chen.

Dara Weinberg (put an “@” between daraweinberg and is a writer/director who specializes in the intersection between poetry and drama, especially in forms related to the Greek chorus. From 2011-2013, she is studying Polish theatre on a two-year Fulbright grant: specifically, Teatr Chorea in Łódź, under the supervision of Joanna Klass at the Adam Mickiewicz Institute.

She and composer Douglas Pew received one of the inaugural commissions for the Washington National Opera / Kennedy Center’s American Opera Initiative, for their twenty-minute opera “A Game of Hearts.”

Texts for performance she has written or co-written have been produced or are forthcoming at the Washington National Opera (as part of the American Opera Initiative), Cincinnati’s NaNo Opera Works, the Opera America showcase, the Warsaw Festival of American Dramaturgy, the Kraków Jewish Community Center, the Kraków Jewish Culture Festival, Komuna//Warszawa, the Touch Theatre (Dotknij Teatru) Festival in Łódź, and the Central Contemporary European Theatre conference in Budapest.

Other writing (archived here), including criticism and poetry, is published or forthcoming in, American Theatre Magazine, Greatest Uncommon Denominator, CultureSpot Los Angeles, the Hopkins Review, Urbanite Baltimore, Foothill, and Explosion-Proof.

She has co-founded two ensembles in the United States that continue to produce new work: the Parallel Octave, a Baltimore-based improvising chorus, in 2010; and the Indy Convergence, an artists’ residency program in Indianapolis, in 2008. Parallel Octave produces a new compilation of short films based on poems, titled ANTHOLOGY, each summer at the Creative Alliance in Baltimore.

She has an MFA in poetry from the Johns Hopkins Writing Seminars and is a third-generation Los Angeles resident.

CV / resumé
Parallel Octave: ANTHOLOGY II

  1. neiman said:


  2. Andres said:

    Dara, you kick butt. Just wanted to say hi and that well, you kick butt.

  3. Phil said:

    I hadn’t read your words before. I can hear you speaking, it’s nice since you’re so far away. You write well, very well.


  4. Phil said:

    Ah dear Dara, luck, to quote Mae West, had nothing to do with it. You earned that job by dint of hard and smart work, over several years, for people who were bright enough to recognize your talent and wise enough to utilize you to aid them to do their jobs better and more easily. Give yourself the credit you deserve. You didn’t get the job because you wear Manolo Blahnik shoes or carry a Louis Vuitton handbag. It’s not because you car pooled with Steven Speilberg’s kids. You’re very good at what you do, period.

    The Nubian Prince

  5. weinberg said:

    Thanks, Phil, Andres, Neiman. I’m all of your biggest fans too. Colorado sends you love.

    And Phil, I do think luck has something to do with it, because – well, I may have worked hard, I have, but some of this is all just too good to be true.
    Just my opinion.

    My teacher used to say that the best actor in the world is doing dinner theater in Kansas somewhere. So I try not to let the fact that I have jobs that I like indicate to me that I necessarily deserve them. Do you know what I mean? It’s one thing to know you can do it, but there’s always someone else who can, too. So there is luck. And I have been lucky.

    I want to keep that in mind.

  6. Phil said:

    While I see your point? I am of the opinion that as Louis Pasteur so aptly pointed out, “Luck favors the mind that is prepared.” And it’s not too good to be true. It IS true. I love being pompous AND right. :-)

    One more thing? You have been traveling too much, Dara. Today is the 8th not the 9th. ~winks~ Sunday is the 9th.

    That is all


  7. weinberg said:

    You’re right, and yes, you’re pompous :)
    And I think the clock in my computer, or WordPress, is messed up – I don’t set the dates. But I’ll fix it.

  8. Phil said:

    Guess what? Guess what? we had a full house last night! I couldn’t watch the show so a PAYING audience member could have a seat! I’m so excited, I just can’t hide it! I’m about to lose control and I, sorry, I got carried away there. Ron came too and liked it a lot. ;-)

    K, bye


  9. Phil said:

    Yikes! You are getting your share of snow, aren’t you? Stay warm, dear


  10. Phil said:

    Hey Dara, I had breakfast with Ron today. He’s well and spoke highly of you. Here’s a URL for a blog I read this morning. Let me know what you think?

  11. O Solis said:

    Oh Dara, kind, sweet, talented Dara! We hardly knew ye!

    We had fantastic previews, a superb opening, and the show rolls along gathering steam! And I owe much of it to you! You were just the right addition to our process, bringing a tireless sense of service and wisdom to Juliette and myself. I don’t think I even understood just how deep your contribution was to Lydia until you left. And we sorely missed you. Thank you for your awesome work, your patience with this numbskull playwright, and your keen heart in our warmest hours.

    Forgive me if I ever took you for granted or condescended to you. I just never realized the extent of your engagement and service. Formidable and unforgettable.

    Now I am back in SF rehearsing the next one- no time to savor the afterglow of success- and staying up late again making revisions. And I find myself thinking… what would Dara do? That may be the mantra of ’08.

    Dara, tell me, are you on a Mac or pc? Do you have i-Tunes? Where in heavens name are you now?

    sending you love from the City of Love,


  12. Tic Tac said:

    This is my partner in crime. Our crime spree is on a hiatus. We don’t steal no money. We rob people of a couple hours of their time.
    I don’t exaggerate. I am not gonna claim that I would kill for Dara. But I would kick your fucking ass for her.

  13. weinberg said:

    I love you, Octavio. I find myself thinking “What would Octavio do?” quite often. Especially with this Antioch college strike project. Remind me to tell you more about it – it’s fascinating.

  14. weinberg said:

    We rob them of their time…and we give it to the poor of King Richard’s England. Miss you, Terry T.

  15. Jessica said:

    Dude. I found you! (This is Jessica Fisher, now Jessica Zeckel, who you used to hang out with in middle school!) I have been searching Facebook for you and couldn’t find you so I decided to google you, and look what the first link was! The other day I pulled a long-forgotten jacket out of storage and stuck my hand in the secret inner pocket only to find my ticket stub from going to see Lysistrata at Harvard Westlake. I’m so glad I found your blog, it’s great to see what you’ve been up to for the past, oh, ten years or so . . .

  16. weinberg said:

    Hi Jessica! It’s so awesome that you found me! Sorry I’m not on Facebook, I find it oddly terrifying. So good to hear from you! I emailed you…please let me know what’s going on with you? I think it’s fantastic that you still have a LYSISTRATA ticket stub. That play never stops having power in my life.

  17. Bradley Spann said:

    Dara: you are a rock star. It is great to read about what you are doing. Keep in touch.



  18. Phil said:

    Posted @ 6:30AM Thursday November 27th 2008, Thanksgiving day

    HAPPY THANKSGIVING, Dara Weinberg!!!!!!!!!!!!!



  19. weinberg said:

    thank you phillip. ily 2.

  20. simplycara said:

    waves hello ~~

  21. Lisa Concoff said:

    Hey! Looks like I wasn’t the first one to wonder what you were up to! I like your blog. Hope all is well with you!
    ~Lisa (also from middle school… and possibly elementary school, now that I think about it…)

  22. Alice said:

    p.s. did i mention that you.are.wonderful?

  23. chuck jacoby said:

    hi dara, nice blog. i was in new york lookng up the off=broadway show newsicles and your site popped up. what caught my attn was that youre a grad student at jhu, my son max (hence the email addy) is a freshman there. he’s interested in theater. his first semester he took john astin’s film class. he also assisted in mr. astin’s play. i believe in coincidences. good luck at hopkins.

  24. weinberg said:

    Thanks, Chuck & Sari.

  25. Dina Varsalone said:

    Hello, there! I saw a flyer for the upcoming Plath event at the Free School and was disappointed to see it was closed – I have performed her work in the past and would love to be involved. Glad to see what you’re doing, I’ve long been interested in bringing poetry off of the page. Is there a way to become involved?

  26. weinberg said:

    Hi Dina–the Plath event is not closed at all. Where did it say that? I should correct it. We’re meeting on this coming Saturday, 2/26 at 2 pm at the Baltimore Free School, and you’re more than welcome to come. You can also email me at paralleloctaveATgmail and we can discuss–would love to hear more about your work.

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