Checking Out,” Hopkins Review
Ready To Lead Stanford Into The Future? Explosion-Proof
The Illustration,” Urbanite Baltimore Magazine
An Actor’s Life for Me,” The Hopkins Review
To Maria,” Foothill
“The Navigators,” Greatest Uncommon Denominator


A GAME OF HEARTS. One-act opera libretto. With composer Douglas Pew. Commissioned by Washington National Opera/Kennedy Center’s American Opera Initiative.
- Premiere: November 19, 2012, at the Kennedy Center’s Terrace Theatre.
- Cincinnati production: May 3 and 4, 2013, with North American New Opera Works.
- Scheduled for Opera America showcase in New York, January 2014.

UMRZEĆ W ATENACH//TO DIE IN ATHENS, formerly titled Thirteen Ways Of Looking At The Chorus. Play with music / musical tragedy. Adaptation from Sophocles. Readings:
- as the inaugural Umbrella Project of the Indy Convergence at the University of Indianapolis’s Wheeler Arts Community (2008);
- at Son of Semele Ensemble in Los Angeles (2008)
- at Komuna//Warszawa in Warsaw (2012)
- at the Homewood Museum in Baltimore (2012)
- as a showing of work-in-progress at Fabryka Sztuki in Łódź, Poland, December 2012;
- and at the Touch Theatre festival (Dotknij Teatru) in Łódź, Poland, March 2013.

W TYM MIEŚCIE (In This City). Community-based play, taken from interviews with the Jewish community of Kraków, Poland. Facilitated by and created in partnership with the Kraków Jewish Community Center and the Adam Mickiewicz Institute. Readings:
- At the Kraków Jewish Community Center, January 20, 2013.
- Scheduled: as part of the Kraków Jewish Culture Festival, June-July 2013.

Post-Grotowskian Monasteries: Report From Wrocław’s Grotowski Institute (the second annual Summer Seminars) and Teatr Pieśń Kozła (the Polish premiere of ‘Songs of Lear’),” in Biweekly.pl
Studium Teatralne’s The King Of Hearts Is Off Again at the Odyssey Theatre,” in CultureSpot LA
Polish Theatre and the 32nd Warsaw Theatre Meetings, As Seen By US Visitors,” in Biweekly.pl
From Artists To Archives: A Grotowski Update,” in American Theatre
Greek Chorus Variations: Chorea Theatre’s Oratorium Dance Project” in Biweekly.pl
Preaching from the Chorus: Marta Górnicka’s Chór Kobiet” in Biweekly.pl
The Chorus of Women Hits the Road,” in American Theatre
Two Readings by Playwright Małgorzata Sikorska-Miszczuk” in Culture Spot LA

Articles on theater and books for www.laist.com.
A Guide To The Literary Jonathans
But She Is In Her Grave, And, Oh! The Difference To Me
Postponing Potter
Much Adoobie Brothers About Nothing
Marat/Sade Meets Marxism
Yellow Ball In The Side Pocket…
When You’re Down On Your Luck And You’re Too Drunk To Fuck…Bukowsical!
It’s Simon Thaddeus Mulberry-Pew!
There’s Husbandry In Heaven; Their Candles Are All Out
Seventeenth-Century Pirates in Pasadena
What’s In A Musical? The Wild Party
Edward Gorey Returns From The Dead
Son Of Semele Ensemble Finally Flies Free! (Aaron Henne and Edgar Landa)
Dickens Project (Janet Dulin Jones and Paul Lazarus)
Preludes and Fugues: John Glore and Matthew McCray
Master link to all articles written for www.laist.com

Spinet, published online in Six Sentences.
Hope Is A Four-Letter Word, a spoken-word poem I wrote about Barack Obama’s candidacy, published online in Illinois Issues, a publication of the University of Illinois at Springfield.

  1. You’ve got a lot here, well worth looking at in some detail (as a friend of mine told me). Glanced at the Obama not-yet-a-poem about hope. Have you noticed since writing it just how much he — and those like him — are really needed? The right wing obstinacy never ends. And its ‘defeat’ isn’t in any way assured.

    Myself — have been much more film oriented than theater-oriented, but my respect for the latter has increased quite a bit over time and exposure.

  2. Alice said:

    “An independent, opinionated bookseller who can recommend books to you is one of the greatest privileges of an free nation and an intellectual community. We lose that privilege when we don’t defend the independents.”
    I heart this.

  3. weinberg said:

    Thanks, Alice & Paul!

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