Art Radiates (continued): Ten Years of Chorea, Part 2

This is the next installment in a weekly-ish series of blog posts about Teatr Chorea‘s August 2014 Retro//Per//Spektywy festival, “Sztuka Promienuje,” (Art Radiates), celebrating ten years of the company.

Part Two: “Rhythm of language” and festival opening

“Lights up: composer and choir director Krzyżanowski stands stage right of a semicircle of black-shirted singers, with his yellow harmonium on a stand. Three men, eight women, all barefoot, standing, and wearing jeans. The black floor before them is covered with the words of every song in the piece, written in white chalk capitals, facing the performers. The upside-down text makes it appear that the perfomers are on the other side of a mirror. “

Read more here at NITENews.org (New International Theatre News)

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