An update: I am enrolled in Bath Spa University’s remote PhD program in Creative Writing, focusing on memoir, and writing a book about my time living in Wrocław, Warsaw, Łódź, and Kraków.

The Bath program is designed to be flexible for working adults, so I’m continuing to write grants and marketing materials for a variety of organizations (taking on new clients now), and assisting on a high school production of Les Mis.

However, this book, Invitation to Poland, is my primary artistic activity both at the moment and for the foreseeable future, and it will take…as long as it takes…to finish.

As Victor Hugo’s mother once wrote to one of her sons (qtd. in the Graham Robb bio, p. 42):

“I shall not scold you, my dear Abel, for not having written earlier, since I attribute it to thoughtlessness and a failure to consider my inevitable anxiety rather than to any lack of affection on your part. Whatever the case, do not let it happen again.”