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Family Has Landed

Zack and Pam are in town, after an adventure getting lost on the way to the Oregon Caves. They ended up on a series of roads maintained by the Bureau of Land Management (read dirt, not paved) but made it to Ashland safely.

They’re seeing Romeo & Juliet, the opening night of Tartuffe, and On The Razzle over the next three days. We did Martino’s and Zoey’s last night, so they’ve had the essential food. It’s really, really good to have them here.

Photo review this morning, and then second preview this afternoon. Kimberley sent me an email saying, “You’re almost finished rehearsing at the Oregon Shakespeare Festival!” I can’t believe it’s been four months.

Director: Does anyone else have any notes for me?
SM: Is now when we can discuss changing the name of the show to Tartuffie?