Grants & Marketing

I have over a decade of experience as a professional writer for both nonprofit and corporate organizations in the US and Europe.

My specialty is grantwriting. In the arts sector, I have written or co-written successful grant documents for the National Endowment for the Arts, the Irvine, Cummings, Mellon, Rosenthal, Driehaus, Donnelley, and Polk. Bros. foundations, the Dwight Stuart Youth Fund, and others. In the corporate sector, I have worked as a writer and manager on grant teams of 5-20 people, co-authoring successful government proposals, RFIs, tenders, and statements of work, and winning new business for my employers.

Grantwriting, in either sector, always necessitates teamwork and process management; every grant happens with the cooperation of other writers, managers, technical specialists, SMEs, outside consultants, lawyers, and others. Some proposals are hundreds of pages long. I am skilled at effectively functioning within these teams for optimal grant outcomes.

I have also worked on internal communications, writing and managing organizational newsletters providing regular company-wide updates to hundreds of employees.

Finally, I have extensive experience in creating custom marketing materials for new and existing clients: documents, diagrams, PowerPoint presentations, product pitches, scripts, speeches, etc.

For more information, please contact daraweinberg AT gmail DOT com.