style, writing


Talking with friends about methods of writing papers:
– writing and letting the structure emerge as you go, vs outlining in advance
– using bullet points and section titles (which I have gotten more into lately) vs. letting other paragraphs serve as transitions.

These days when I write, I write something six times too long and then slash it into shreds. I don’t outline, or if I do, the outline emerges as part of the writing.

I wonder if there’s a way to do things like this within a play: section headers, paragraph transitions. Probably in a very simple manner, with something like Word For Word, just by having one actor read them out to announce another’s speaking.

If you direct SPOON RIVER, do the actors say their own names? “Lucinda Matlock,” and then the monologue?

Sort of like what was going on in LARAMIE.

The Elements Of Style: The Dance-Theater Extravaganza.