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Lydia rehearsal, day 1

I think I’m going to take a different approach to rehearsal blogging than I did on GOLDA. I’m going to write all of my notes on my private, personal wiki, which only I can access, and I’m going to only pull out the most interesting parts for this.

I really want to find a way to rehearsal blog that no one at a theater can object to, and that preserves the privacy of the rehearsal room – but still lets me share some of the observations that I think can be publicly shared, and sheds light on what makes this process cool.

So here’s my second try.

If anyone from the DCTC is reading this, I hope that you find it to be acceptable, and if you don’t, let me know. But I do think it’s a good thing for theaters in general to have bloggers publicizing them, and my only goal in doing this is to bring more audience to the profession.

So, today, we had a props meeting, a design presentation & readthrough, and finished with exercises. And the exercises the director chose to use were:

1) Writing down what kind of a color, taste, element (earth, air, wind, fire) texture, weather, smell, mode of transportation, and landscape your character would be.

2) Twizzle – walking in a circle with the director calling out commands: stop, jump, turn, and twizzle ( a 360-degree turn)
This was great coordination and group work. The second time they did it, the three men in the cast (who are here – the fourth comes soon) couldn’t be taken out. I thought they would have gone on jumping and turning forever.

3) The basic trust exercise: stand in a circle and fall to each side.
I’ve never seen anyone do this for as long as they did. It was like watching a starfish forming and collapsing.

4) “Close your eyes. Think of two other members of the cast. Open them. Walk around the room till you can form an equilateral triangle with those two people. Go.”
And they came into unison on this after less than a minute.

It was all very effective for building an emotional bond between the cast members, and for letting the new words of the sixth draft just wash over them.