The Institute for Distributed Creativity

I just got an email inviting me to join the mailing list for the Institute for Distributed Creativity. The archives are here, and anyone can subscribe at this link.

We would like you on board because we believe that you would be a great addition to the wide range of new-media theorist practitioners, artists, urbanists, scientists, designers, educators, and activists currently on this list. Founded in 2004, the Institute for Distributed Creativity and its mailing list are an experiment. This list strives for concentrated debate on the shifting paradigms surrounding the Social Web. Our collaborative research works to integrate expert culture with public debate. When you post to the iDC list about 1600 subscribers will find your post in their inbox.

The landscape of list culture offers much-appreciated announcement lists that are completely unmoderated.
Trebor Scholz, however, moderates this list. It established a consistently high quality of posts where announcements or anonymous posts will not be published. Super brief posts as well as multiple; simultaneous posts by one author are discouraged. If you would like to share URLs with the list, please add a few sentences contextualizing the website.

Trebor is the co-author of the forthcoming The Art Of Free Cooperation.