LA theater

Who’s…a gladiator theatrical event?

STADIUM DEVILDARE, which is now open at NOTE in Los Angeles, got a nice review in the LA Weekly: “The creativity of co-directors Richard Werner and Karen Jean Martinson’s production makes for jaw-droppingly weird fun. “

I spoke to Rich briefly over the weekend, and he’s really happy with how the show turned out. I’m so proud of him. This production has been a long time coming. It. Must. Be. Seen. Like, if you’re in LA and you don’t go to see this, you’re so crazy.

“Within the limitless confines of the Stadium, contestants battle for the ultimate prize, the suit of Guts ‘N Glory, a protective armor that will enable a warrior to confront and defeat America’s greatest enemy – a cipher known only as G*dzilla X. Enter a parallel game universe where we find a reflection of our own world, where familiar situations explode with violence and the showpower of extreme events. Root for your favorite contestant and discover the terrifying secret behind STADIUM DEVILDARE!”

Fri/Sat 8 pm, Sun 7 pm. (except Feb 24th) through March 23rd.
Tickets: $22; Student/Senior $18
1517 N. Cahuenga (just north of Sunset)
Hollywood, CA 90028

Reservations By Phone: (subject to availability) :

Parking Info : Arclight Cinemas (enter on Ivar, just south of Sunset) $3.00 will get you parking for the evening. Bring your ticket to the NOTE box office and we will validate.