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Edge of Los Angeles

Readings for Edge Fest LA’s Los Angeles History Project begin today and extend to next Sunday, including new plays from Aaron Henne, Tom Jacobson, Philip W. Chung, Judy Soo Hoo, Teresa Chavez and Rose Portillo, and Larissa FastHorse & Brian Joseph. All readings are free and at the Autry. The website calls these readings “six new plays about our city and its rich history.”

Aaron’s play, RECORD STORM SPREADS RUIN!, is today at 11:

A corrupt administration. A leader clinging desperately to his power. A devastating flood. In 1938, Los Angeles Mayor Frank Shaw, on the verge of being ousted from power, broadcasts over the radio airwaves to a drowning city. His citizens, some living and some dead, converge on City Hall to offer him one last chance at salvation from his past deeds, before he is overtaken by a record storm.