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jump in

Tonight, riding my bike home along Montrose Avenue, I go by a tiny art gallery, Swimming Pool Project Space, which is lit and set up to look like it’s actually a pool. It’s a really intriguing front – the idea of there being a swimming pool in a storefront on a busy street made me pull over. This description of the interior makes it seem like the entire thing is as visually whimsical. Astroturf and so on. I want to be part of a theater like that – that you can’t help but get off your bike to look at.

I think this is the kind of thing I was trying to do with the x restrung cortex reading in LA – a free reading, combined with music, with people dressing up – something very funny and absurdist. Something enjoyable. The same play three times. People giggling like little girls. Fun. Makes you remember why you love theater.

I wonder if SPPC would be interested in some performance art too. I wouldn’t mind restaging the x restrung cortex experiment exactly as it was – 3 readings of the play interspersed with songs from a jazz/poetry band. I think that could work well in this city. Isn’t that what performance artists do, anyway – restage works? Why not?