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open doors

The NEA grant is a stone’s throw from completion, and I know much more about Portable Document Format now. I’ve really enjoyed working on the grant. It’s a refreshing change to be working as a writer, with editorial help, and to know that the words I’m writing are going to be evaluated and considered for something important. I like it. I would do more.

With this project done, it’s time to begin exploring Chicago theater and performance. Last night, bicycling home on Montrose, I saw the curtains drawn over Swimming Pool Project Space‘s bright blue, glowing window. Maybe a new exhibit is in the offing.

It took seeing that curtain drawn to make me realize what I found so appealing about their space – they have an enormous glass window in the storefront, as galleries and retail stores do, not a bricked-up wall like most theaters. Its form is intentionally inviting. They obviously want you to look at it, to come in. I can’t wait to go in on Saturday.

There are so many free events here in Chicago – like the free performance of the Grieg Concerto in the park tonight, at the Grant Park Music Festival.

Free, public, open, glass, see-through: all words theaters should use more.