the chorus

“Your mother’ll hardly know you, you’ve grown so bold…” – Women’s Chorus, LYSISTRATA

Today is the end of the Minneapolis mini-trip.

I touch down in Chicago this evening and then prepare for next week’s set of chorus workshops at Q School. I’m coming in for a full week to focus on the LYSISTRATA choruses. Three days with the full cast (20 girls & 8 boys), and one day each with girls or with boys only.

Our goal for the week is, by the end of it, to empower the actors with confidence in choral work. We want to have the students comfortable enough with working in choruses that they can use improvisation while blocking and rehearsing chorus scenes for the rest of the process. We’ve built a schedule that touches on each chorus in the play at least once. I’m excited to be working as a chorus consultant on someone else’s production! It’s going to be lots of fun.