tangled up in text.

I’m blogging from the beloved Star Lounge on Chicago Avenue, which has installed an organ since I was last here – and waiting for a phone call to begin writing another grant. It’s very exciting. Feels like being an agent or something, waiting for my operating instructions. Since I began freelancing as a grantwriter in June I’ve done three. This will be my fourth, a complete proposal for an institution for which I wrote the original letter of inquiry.

Grantwriting appeases my sampling instincts, since you have this huge body of shared text to draw on in the form of past grants, and it’s understood that you can and should take at will. It’s collage writing, or in the word I like using the best for what I do with those pesky Greek texts, “cross-adapting.” It relieves me that we do recognize instances of authorship where copy(wrong) is not primary. Every time I find one, there’s more hope.

I also have new gadgetry – a wireless mouse, which makes me so 007 right now. (If by 007 you mean 2003 – Krist3l had one then…)