I’ve got your “social network” right here

This nonwithstanding, the only new site I have joined today is – a family tree plotting site. I recently was present at the Bat Mitzvah of a second cousin here in Chicago, and was inspired to plot out the three-tiered Weinberg family tree. There were three brothers, Murray, Isadore (Izzy) and David, who came to the US from Poland before WWII. Two stayed in the Midwest and one, my grandfather, came to California.

Having now returned to the Midwest, I’m meeting, mostly for the first time, the many, many Weinbergs who descend from Izzy and Murray. And for my own edification more than their own, I’ve plotted how we are all related. I spent so much of the Bat Mitzvah going, “Well, there were three brothers…” like a fairy tale or something, to all the people who wanted to know who I was.

has lots of neat widgets, like the ability to sort the entire tree, with a click, by any one person in it – to see all their descendants and ancestors. Very user-friendly.