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the red pill makes your internet bigger

Hey Alice, you can make the font on websites larger by pressing Apple (command) – plus key, smaller by pressing Apple (command) – minus key. I can now read Maud Newton, after all these years of wondering what everyone was talking about. Yes, Dara, it is a really good litblog site! Who knew! Not me – eyes hurt like hell every time I tried to read it.

Sometimes I wonder if the reason my vision is getting so bad so quickly is, like everything else, that misguided but quixotic “year of freelance assistant directing” business. Recipe: Take all the healthbucks you have left, and spend them – in one place. Result: memories for a lifetime, and ailments to match. Too much time in tech and on planes and on couches. The statement “I’m not as young as I used to be” is true for all values of “I,” “am,” “young,” and “used,” so perhaps it has no meaning.


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