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put a naked person on stage

“This is a play about sex made by people who seem to have made it so that they can show it to their parents and grandparents without embarrassment.”

– UK blogger Andrew Haydon weighing in on that “sex choreography” question, in his review of UNBROKEN.

Andrew also pointed SOS to an interesting post by director Chris Goode. Scroll down to get to him talking, in great detail, about sex and staging sex.

My favorite line was this, “I think pretty much the most significant thing theatre can do is put a naked person on stage and let you look at them,” but it’s not fair to quote him out of context. His whole argument is worth looking at – he has a lot to say, and says it from a lot of experience.

As I said in my response to Andrew’s comment, all this talk of staging sex in UK theater makes me desperate to know more about the processes in which all these directors work.