for the first time in a long time

Last night, at the low-lying couches of DOC Wine Bar in Lincoln Park, I am asked (I ask myself) to explain the ideology of the title of this blog.

I locate it in an interest in exploring style, and in thinking that forms and styles have as much meaning in them as ideas and content. I also talk about how it could just as easily have been titled “praxis over theory.” It goes back to certain ideas I was working on at school.

But I realize, in explaining it, that the extremism of the statement is something I haven’t really held for a long time. It’s like wearing the bumper sticker of a party you joined when you were seventeen and for which you no longer vote. I’m still interested in style, but not to the exclusion of anything.

There is no me and there is no writing without it. But that doesn’t mean that it is the only thing I do.

I don’t think I can seriously consider retitling this page, except that I already have.