here’s mint,

that’s for forgetting things that shouldn’t be remembered.

It was hard to post after that post because that post was so joyful that I felt like it couldn’t be followed. But here it is: I have thought of a new kind of poetic comparison which is appropriate for the New Poetic Comparisons mandate.

If you were talking about someone in a poem with big teeth (like me) you could say “A person with teeth like carrots.” That way you’re not comparing them to a rabbit, but to something once removed from it. It’s like that kind of slang where the rhyme connects the words. You know what I mean, right? British? There is an intermediary between the one thing and the other.

I saw a thin house today that looked like it had been squeezed by tweezers. That comparison, unlike the carrots, is not okay – it’s too easy. I don’t know how to fix it, which means that I don’t know what to say about the thin house.