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booked to why

I have been taking some time off to rest and end the vicious cycle of endless ear infections, which is my latest excuse for not blogging. This has not prevented me from, today, ensconcing myself at the library to finish another grant proposal for a Chicago theater that I should have been done with days ago.

Here is the list of books my brother recommended in response to my Julian Jaynes quandary.

School A
Metaphors We Live By – Lakoff
Women, Fire and Dangerous Things – Lakoff

School B:
Mental Spaces – Fauconnier
Mappings in Thought and Language – Fauconnier/Turner

Synthesis of A and B:
The Literary Mind – Turner (which was the first one he mentioned)
More than Cool Reason Lakoff/Turner
Where Mathematics Comes From Lakoff/Núñez

I am imagining a Saturday in July, or even August, where I have time to sit down at a library with all of them in a stack.