Poland, theater

in brief,

Yesterday, I ran around Wroclaw, going to and from my housing and the Institute so many times that I finally drummed it into my head how to get from one to the other. If you keep turning around to look at the architecture, you get lost a lot. I got lost a lot.

The Market Square is very large and linear on the outside, but on the inside, is a convoluted mass of alleys. Little shops spring up behind every corner. When people try to give you directions from one place to another, they stand up and move in several different directions, like the Turtle in Logo.

Today, I stayed in and finished my presentation, and had a chance to answer email for the first time since getting here. One last breath before it all starts. Tomorrow, the conference begins.

I have new blog posts up on the USAI site – you can see the schedule of events there too, and a list of all the participants in the US Artists Initiative.