good morning

I haven’t posted pictures yet because I have discovered that the little bag containing all my computer cables except my charger – but my phone/computer synchronizing cable, Ipod/computer sync cable, camera/computer sync cable, etc – was also taken with the wallet and cell phone. Arrgh.

I am starting to feel great about the wallet having been stolen. It makes me feel more like I am part of Poland, or like the country is somehow welcoming us all back, albeit in kind of a “Welcome to Poland! You’re screwed!” way.

And G was telling me, yesterday, that he has had his wallet stolen from him in multiple countries, even when it was in the front pocket of his jeans. He travels expecting that that may happen, and only takes essentials out with him. Not a bad idea, and makes me feel less like a dumb tourist. G’s very experienced and travels all the time. If he can get hoodwinked, I’m not going to worry about it.