Poland, theater

all’s well that ends well

The US Artist Initiative is over – the blog will continue to exist as an archive of interviews conducted with all the participants each year, but won’t have daily updates.

I return to Chicago tomorrow, and then have just a few days there before moving to Baltimore. Today is a free day for me in Wroclaw. I’m going to wander around and see what there is to see that isn’t theater.

My roommates and I are packed, sitting in our living room discussing politics. It will be strange not to live with them any more – it’s been almost a month. One is on her way to Minneapolis, then Istanbul, the other to New Jersey. I don’t know when I’ll see them again, although being on the East Coast gives me hope that I can keep in touch.

This trip has been – this trip has been. It just has.

I think I’ll know more about what its impact has been on me a few years from now. I don’t know now. I know I am returning to the US with B’s Polish-English dictionary in my backpack.