Things I write poems about

Theme Index: (Dara Weinberg, 1982 – ?)
Rot / decay
Missed Connections
Apartments For Rent
Men Seeking Women
Women Seeking Men
Furniture For Sale
jobs: writing
Conversations W. The Poem
Los Angeles
Nature (but only in relationship to Los Angeles)
Guitar-driven rock music
The Greek Dramatists
Overheard Dialogue
Did I Say Theater Already?

(thank you Rachel for the list idea.) Very narrow, isn’t it – and limited to the topics in my own life. Knew this, but realized it more strongly when I saw how much better the fiction writers were than the poets at trivia. Doing fiction leads you into research, to knowledge. Poetry – at least contemp., at least most of it – often leads you to your self.

This is a problem, isn’t it? There should be more poems that lead you to knowledge, to news, like a novel – nouvelles – news.

But I am learning that coming into writing with the attitude of “I should be doing X Y Z” is ineffective. The only way to write is to write the poems you have to write.

Still, I am going to give myself extra points for every poem that expands the topic list.


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