Baltimore, F&F

hello august

I have been moving, and was without Internet for a bit. I am now installed in my new place in Charles Village, and am unpacking boxes.

The memorial service for my friend who died last month will be on Saturday. I and an old friend have been collaborating on compiling an email list of friends, to share the news and also to ask for memories of him. We met him at a summer program when we were sixteen, so there has been a group of 32 to reach out to. We found 29 of them. Not bad, after 10 years.

I find that every time I have to tell someone the news of his death, I relive the emotions of it again. So she has been helping me a lot. If it wasn’t for her, I doubt I would have tried to contact anyone. None of us can get through much alone.

Speaking of not being alone, my new roommates – all scientists – are a lovely group of people, and very passionate about their work. It’s great to put my head into the biology planet for a few hours.