Baltimore, books

one potato, two potato

This morning, I walked with C2 to The Book Thing. We were there at nine, as if it was a farmers’ market and the freshest-baked and locally grown books would be all gone by 10 AM.

This was my first visit to Baltimore’s Charles Village book-recycler, and, oh, oh, oh, was it gorgeous. This alone may be enough to get my parents to come visit. Free books, guys. Free. Although I don’t know how you’re going to get them back to LA…but bring a truck!

This is what I came away with: a restrained count of seven items.

1) Art & Error: Modern Textual Editing (ed. Ronald Gottesman and Scott Bennett)

2) A Reclam edition of the Nibelungenlied

3) A Mathematician’s Apology, by G.H. Hardy with a foreword by C.P. Snow

4) The Selected Essays of Robert Louis Stevenson – C2 made me get this. It remembered me that I haven’t read any RLS since I was a kid, when I tore through KIDNAPPED and TREASURE ISLAND and DR. JEKYLL in a very short period of time. I think we read KIDNAPPED for a 4th-grade lit unit and we had to make a movie poster for it. That was fun. I have always enjoyed imitating advertising.

5) Madrigal’s Magic Key to French (having passed my language exam, I am inspired to review the finer points* of grammar)

6) Das erste Jahr, second edition, Margaret Keidel Bluske and Elizabeth Keidel Walther

7) America The Beautiful, in the words of Walt Whitman – an art edition of 7 of Whitman’s poems with huge photographs of famous US national parks and scenic sites accompanying the poetry. One of them is next to a characteristically Arizonan rock formation, and we agreed that Whitman had probably never been there. It’s a little silly.

I am not going to keep or read them all – some will be wending their way to unsuspecting recipients. Beware. Beware!

* Why? Why the “finer” points? Why?