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albatross? albatross.

Book Thing hoard #2, from the Sunday expedition:

1) The Elements of Style
2)Literary Criticism, Plato to Dryden, ed. Allan H. Gilbert
3) The Vicar of Wakefield and Other Writings, Oliver Goldsmith (a hotbed* of prurient and/or offensive chapter subheadings. Looks really trashy.)
4) Western Wind: An Introduction to Poetry, by Frederick Nims
5) A back issue of Parabola: The Magazine Of Myth and Tradition

This weekend, I revised the same poem twice. This isn’t a lot of revision, by anyone’s standards, but each version was so different that it felt really exhausting. We (Les Poets) then held a pre-workshop workshop. Only a few folks came, so we had a lot of time for each poem. I got excellent comments. I am going to have to revise the entire thing again.

In other news, I am trying to gauge the enthusiasm of the cohort to have some kind of reading-the-RIME-OF-THE-ANCIENT-MARINER-aloud party, and people have been a little lukewarm. I guess it’s not the greatest poem ever written, but I really want to read it aloud. I believe that the last time I did this was senior year of high school, with the poetry/philosophy group I had with T, M, M, A, D, W, and others.

* in TA orientation, someone referred to Garland Hall, a central admin building, as a “hotbed of activity,” and it sounded so potentially lascivious.