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the way to go to the city

is like this. Fly-by-visitor. Businthemorning: food: theater: more food: friends far too long missed and most dearly revisited: and back in Baltimore before midnight via yetanotherbus. If you go for less than a day, no suitcase required! I got to walk around with the lightest bag I have ever carried in Manhattan. I bought four books at Biography-soon-to-be-BookBook in the Village, all of them bought to give away, saw Donald Margulies’s new play at MTC, TIME STANDS STILL, with Laura Linney (very, very good: it’s nice to see theater so spot-on that you cry before intermission) and ate some of the most enormous latkes that have ever been conceptualized, as well as chocolate croissants and Cantonese food with lotus roots. They (the lotus roots) look like tomatoes, taste like water chestnuts, and behave like pinwheel pasta. You must, as soon as you can, see both Laura Linney and the lotus root.