snow day 2

No classes, again. The campus would be accessible easily by those of us who can walk to it: the problem is vehicle and wheel access.

Working from home and from the neighborhood coffeeshops, which are all closing at 5 in anticipation of the upcoming onslaught. Frequenting the raided supermarket, where certain distributors have come through, and others, not. The block of sidewalk in front of my house is navigable by a path etched through the foot-high bank of snow: it is only wide enough for one person to pass at a time. The cars drive through similar trenches, just wide enough for one car. St. Paul is down to one lane. Good thing it’s a one-way street. I imagine the bigger streets, like York Road, have been plowed, but I haven’t been off of these two blocks in three days to see.

More snow to come this evening.