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Hey, check this. So here I am, pleasantly nowhere. And what if I don’t go home? What if I stay at wherever it is I am, or importune these kind laptopped strangers? What if everything changes, now? (I am supposed to teach tomorrow.) But what if I don’t? What if I pull a Brownlee? What if this is the last SOS blog post, ever, and neither you nor anyone ever hears from me again? Hmmm? Wouldn’t that be kind of awesome?

I will have a last post, one day! That’s awesome, too! Some day I will have written the last thing I will ever write, and what an interesting day that will be. I will not know when that day is, or what those words will be. I hope it is something crotchety and inappropriate. I hope it’s something whiny. I hope it’s “grievance, not grief.”* I hope that it is trivial. I hope the last thing I do is kick myself in the head on the dive down, with something like a Lord of the Rings reference. Like, for example, “but that day is not today,” Viggo.

* Before I even knew that this was the trope it is (it’s, like, bigger than “show, not tell,” except in Europe, where “show, not tell” still has lots of fans and can make a decent living off touring) or had been cited for violating it, I was thinking of forming a bluegrass band called The Grievance Committee.