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the most relevant question

I love that question, “What is your work now?” That should be a question I ask myself every day — a question we should ask of each other every day. It’s beautiful and the most relevant question a human being can ask. Not “Are you happy?”, as I used to think; one’s happiness is largely a condition of one’s having real work to do.

– Poet Jason Koo interviewed in the Feb 2010 Bookslut. Here is a link to two of his poems in Shampoo, “Shopping with Mayakovsky” and “I Just Got Out Of A Serious Relationship.” From the latter:

Instead of giving me some good old-fashioned
Attention he’d stare into my colander all night long
Trying to count the number of holes. “Honey,

I think I see some constellations!” He’d bring this
Lunacy into the bedroom, saying, Little Dipper,
Big Dipper … and as if that weren’t bad enough, he took
My six-volume Modern Library box set of Proust

And drew Garfield cartoons all over the margins.
Imagine Gilberte strolling down the Champs-Elysées
And Garfield stuffing himself with lasagna at her side…