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rehearsal report

This afternoon, we held the first meeting of the lyricist/composer collaboration group, which is what I’m calling it now instead of “musical theater collaboration group.”

We heard both recorded and live music, and had actors present to read aloud the lyrics. Spontaneously, some lyrics were read to some improvised music on the piano. This was more than I had hoped for, and exactly the kind of thing I wanted to make happen with this.

Apart from the usual obstacles, which serve to remind us that it’s still theater – bagel logistics*, enormous reception in lobby of Mattin confusing people, unopenable CD drive on monolithic scary Mac, one participant being down for the count with a kitchen injury – today’s meeting was very successful.

It remains to see what will come from this, but the mere fact of having put words together with music, in the presence of other people, is more than enough. I am becoming more a follower of late-period Grotowski, I think, in that the participants compose an audience. Not the only audience: but, still, an audience.

We’ll meet again in April.

*Economics of cream cheese: complicated.
A: How much cream cheese do you need for twenty people?
B: It depends how much they put on the bagels.