rooms hidden above dodgy looking shops

Speaking of burnout, and coffee, here’s a selection of items from Ellie Harrison‘s Tea Blog. I like going through it and pulling out the ones that interest me and making my own list of her excerpts. It’s not possible for me to link to individual quotes, because of how the site works, but all of these that follow are hers.

4 April 2006
It’s so funny to think of us working in this studio, nobody knows we are here. I wonder how many artists there are working away in rooms hidden above dodgy looking shops?

21 November 2008
I just find discussions about materials and technique highly irrelevant and thoroughly boring

23 March 2006

I want to go and look round the artists’ studios, but I really don’t feel like I can string a sentence together

28 August 2008
A cup of coffee can be a very powerful tool and you must choose the optimum time at which to use it in order for it to have the maximum positive impact on your work

25 October 2008

I’m not looking forward to the day when I have arthritis