Baltimore, the chorus

chorus weekend

Yesterday, I led a small Parallel Octave / chorus workshop with the text of an Allen Ginsberg poem being read to a new instrument one of our members has created, a laser harp.

Today, this afternoon, I’m going to collaborate on some audition / callbacks and use choral techniques as an audition requirement. This will be the first time I’ve done this for auditions that are not for my own production. We have a large group and an improvising guitarist. I’m very excited about it.

It’s wonderful to have a theatrical activity on both days of the weekend.

I’ve been spending some time this weekend helping an incoming writer in the program look at potential locations for rent, which has meant exploring parts of Baltimore I hadn’t seen before. I thought I was pretty familiar with all the areas around the campus, but you turn a corner and it’s a different planet, around here. Even from one block to the next, the width of a street may double. There may be absolutely no trees, and then a tree in front of every house.

Today is also the seventh day of getting up and walking before working, and although the temptation is great to skip it (it’s later, it’s hot out) I’m going to do it.