the chorus, yoga


I don’t blog about yoga much, but for those of you who practice, too, you might want to try setting “reawakening” as your intention. Think about bringing back everything that you feel has been lost or lessened.

You’d better be ready for it, though. I was doing yoga to a sound recording of an unfinished old chorus production of mine, and about fifteen minutes in, I realized what was reawakening in me–the desire to make not just this production more complete, but to make, oh, I don’t know, six more complete audio productions of Greek chorus plays with music. The number six seemed especially important. I was so shocked by this that I jumped out of the pose and said “Are you crazy?” out loud. Do you have any idea how hard it was to make one? You want more!?

Of course, I am crazy. And, also of course, that is what I want to do, and the past couple of years of pretending that’s not what I want to do have been like living with my head under a blanket. And if you’re going to think about reawakening, you’re going to find something like that out.

Anyway, reawakening. Try it. It’s a great intention: I haven’t had such strong results since I used “forgiveness.” It works really well for balance poses, too.

Also, I came out of savasana feeling as if I could have any body whatsoever, any physical form, and was surprised, but relieved, to see my own arms and legs.