the chorus

more choruses

New sound files up on ||8ve website: James Wright’s “At The Executed Murderer’s Grave,” William Blake’s LONDON.

On Saturday, the ||8ve group that assembled talked about the possibility of doing some projects requiring more rehearsal or memorization, as well as working with longer texts, or even collaborating with some visual/physical performers. These all seem like good ideas to me: better, now, after having watched THIS IS IT on Friday. I was very inspired by the professionalism of Michael Jackson and his dancers, and it made me want to do something more finished, as opposed to starting from scratch every week.

I like the format that ||8ve has right now, where it’s low-stress, where anyone can come, etc. But it seems like there ought to be possibilities for something more, beyond the poem-a-week. Something where we could build on old work.

I don’t know if it’s going to happen immediately, or at all. But twelve weeks of sessions has definitely left many of us curious what else is possible.