just finished

resurrecting all the sound and light cues and all the blocking for A VAST WRECK, which I directed in 2006. This has been, by far, the most difficult part of the grant I’m working on. It was interesting to have the opportunity to look over the show again, but, man…it was like pulling out all the stitches in something you’d already sewn together. Makes you see how it’s constructed, yes. Makes you appreciate how much work it was, yes. But I really didn’t want to take it apart. That’s one piece that, to me, was completed. Really and truly perfectly completed.

There’s nowhere to rest on that stage or in that show, and every time an actor sits down, he or she is usually overturned.

Every time I spend time away from that DVD, I forget how good the actors and the designers were. I think I must have exaggerated it in my memory, because I have that show on such a pedestal. And then I watch it again, and it’s like, “Oh, no, they were even better than how you remembered them.” Every time.


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