Baltimore, the chorus

on Wednesday,

I will be delivering a lecture, as part of the Wham City Lecture Series, on the Greek Chorus. Doors at 7pm: lectures start at 7:30ish. The lecture will take place at the Baltimore Bell Foundry lofts and performance space, 1539 North Calvert Street.

The first lecturer is speaking on Kierkegaard. I’m going next, and am going to illustrate the chorus talk with a demonstration by Parallel Octave. The audience will be invited to join us in a chorus, as well (Ted Hughes’s Agammemnon again, inspired by N.W. and her students.)

I’m looking forward to this very much. I’m actually going to teach myself PowerPoint (I have hitherto successfully avoided it) for the purpose of showing pictures of Greek vases. Not happening. But the lecture should, still, be awesome.