I recommend

cooking a Thanksgiving turkey for all procrastinators. The process was so exhausting that it, somehow, brought me to a new state of clarity about my personal goals and style of work. For every day since Turkey 2010 that I have needed to get something done, I have either

(a) realized that I am too tired to do Thing X, and not done it (or worried about it)

(b) woken up early to do Thing X, with a laptop, at a cafe, worked continuously without rushing for several hours, and then stopped.

I have wrestled for years with how to get myself to dwell in either State A or State B, rather than the greatly undesirable

(c) Guilt. Internet.

If only I had known that all I had to do was buy, brine, dry, stuff, and roast a 13-pound turkey in order to achieve this state, I would have done that years ago.