I finished a grant proposal for a filmmaking project–Parallel Octave wants to make a film composed of ten or so short music videos for our audio tracks.

Then I spent some time that afternoon in Books, Inc. and Dana St Coffee with Z. Old Mtn. View haunts. It’s nice to be on the West Coast, where the latest, most wild McSweeney’s releases are in the bookstores.

Afternoon: Okami, The Video Game Where You Get To Be A Wolf. Evening: Momoya sushi with L&C, followed by double-15 chicken-feet dominoes, Scotch, and Joe’s O’s. They are going to be RF/CD/resident adults in a dorm at Stanford next year. I’m proud of them, and really excited to visit them on campus.

This morning I went to my first Ashtanga class ever. Today, some sort of unscheduled hanging out is in order.