Baltimore, musicals

last night,

I saw THE OTHER SHORE at Single Carrot for the second time. I’ve been away from the show for a month. Wonderful to see how it’s developed and changed–the pace has really increased.

Yesterday was also the third day of Musicals Class, and my all-Sondheim spectacular. We covered more songs from more of his oeuvre than we managed to last year, with some significant changes. Although I had planned to present Ballad of Czolgosz from ASSASSINS (my favorite Sondheim song ever, actually) I decided, instead, to tell the students about the song and the musical, and share a link with them so they could listen on their own time. Given the events of the past week, it didn’t seem appropriate to force them to listen to it en masse.

Creepy, how that assassination scenario (McKinley) was so similar to the one that’s just played out in Arizona. Walking up at a public event.

Editing physics labs this morning.

It’s really really winter here in Baltimore–I’ve fallen down iced/wet staircases twice in the last two days. (To no ill effect except some bruises.) The first time, I managed to parlay the momentum into a magical jump, and land on my feet, like Sonic the Hedgehog. The second time, I was not so lucky. I am reasonably equanimity-ous about this. As J says, “We’re writers: we’re klutzes.” Quite right. Also, it’s not winter unless you fall down some.