Dear Milo, and everyone,

It has been a whirlwind few days; I got back from the trip visiting Teatr Cinema in the mountains, I packed up and moved out of the Wroclaw apartment, and I got on a plane to Warsaw. Things are settling down now and I have lots of pictures to share–I took a whole bunch of Wroclaw, Michalowice, and of my first day here in Warsaw–but my blogging is limited by the lack of Internet connectivity at my hostel. I am otherwise really enjoying staying at the place, but I am frustrated that the free WiFi they promised on their website doesn’t work for Macs.

Some time soon I will find a cafe and do some update blogging and photograph-posting–but for now, I am having too much fun running around Warsaw to oblige. This place reminds me, a lot, of Chicago. Big open streets, a largely flat city, a huge river, powerful winds, and people enjoying the summer like they know it’s going to end. (And, of course, the presence of lots of Polish people.)

More soon,