For the past few days

I’ve been caught in the schedule changes of the rehearsals for the show I’m trying to observe, and unable to watch more of what they’re doing. I only have two more days to try. I leave for Wroclaw again Sunday, to see BROTHERS KARAMAZOV at the Dialog Festival and Teatr Zar’s ANHELLI.

This is my fault–I missed the beginning of the period of time in which I was supposed to observe because I was sick for a couple days coming back from Wro. last time, and once I managed to get into the room, they were so busy barreling towards opening that it was hard for me to establish a comm link with anyone.

I may or may not get back into the room in the next 48 hours. If it works out, that’s great. If not, c’est la vie–I feel very fortunate to have seen the four hours of rehearsal I did, though a bit strange to have spent the entire week sort of lurking at the edges of a process.

It’s also true–and I understand this–that these last moments before a show opens are really not a great time to have an outsider wandering around. Again, glad to have seen what I did.

Second day of my Polish language class yesterday, as well.