end-of-week roundup

I was in Wroclaw for a few days this week, seeing Teatr ZAR’s ANHELLI: The Calling, the 3rd part of “Gospels of Childhood.” I saw Parts 1 and 2 in 2009 with the US Artists initiative. At the performance, I also had a surprise sighting of P., from Baltimore, in town for Dialog. Very cool to see the trilogy completed, and also to see a familiar face.

Got back in Warsaw mid-week. Continuing to write articles about everything I’ve been seeing here. Continuing with Polish language class, with more Polish film (“Gateway to Europe”).

And having some very interesting conversations–some spontaneous, some more planned– with friends and fellow artists. Today I met with a friend and talked about lyrics and “song verse” vs. “speech verse” for almost 3 hours. It is a pleasure to be able to geek out on scansion.

It feels as if I’ve found more people to talk to, more often, here in Warsaw. One of the tough things to leave behind about the MFA was the sense of community–good to have a new one forming here.

And I also got the first haircut I’ve had in over a year.


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