yes, they said it couldn’t be done…

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So, as mentioned in the above images, I’ve been wanting to add my semi-comics to SOS for a long time, but have hesitated for a variety of reasons, mostly including shame, laziness, and more shame. Also: laziness! And the fact that every time I mentioned the idea to anyone, and they responded with enthusiasm, I responded with increased SHAME AND LAZINESS.

But I think what really held me up was the sense I have that the images I draw are not comics as much as storyboards–meant to be glanced at quickly, as part of a sequence of moving images. The only “comic” I’ve made that I was ever really happy with was a little animated film with cut-outs.

So, a couple days ago, I was playing around with putting up some images from Lodz in a “slideshow” format rather than a “gallery”…and, lo and behold, it comes off like a little cheapskate film, which I think is more the point. It also means that I can mass-upload and mass-insert the images. (See above re: laziness.)

I also have to say that moving this blog off the main page of my personal website makes me more comfortable with experimenting with techniques like this on it. It means that future-employer-type-people will see something professional-looking first, they can move over to my resume, but when they get to the blog, well…it’s a blog, and as such, it may have other things happening.

Since it is also easy to insert these images in gallery format (one-click) here they are that way, too. If you click on one of the images, you can arrow or click through them, which lets you control the speed of the slideshow. I like them even better this way, but the slideshow has an instant-gratification nature to it that is fun.

“Control! Control! You must learn control!”