a propos of nothing

Go to the woods and bring me back

(1) the cow as white as milk
(2) the cape as red as blood
(3) the hair as yellow as corn
(4) the slipper as pure as gold
(5) forty pages of poems
(7) a partridge three boxes of letter-sized hanging file folders
(8) a reason / reason things went wrong / (got to find a) reason why my…
(9) a woman true, and fair
(12) fish tacos
(14) The Drama Lab
(15) Erin, Dan, Cricket, Bree, Karen, Megan, Bo, Dawn, Geronimo
(16) An unlimited supply of John Frieda Frizz-Ease Clearly Defined Style Holding Gel
(17) our deceased childhood dog in living form
(19) New aviators

a propos of nothing, music

the later I leave it

Rehearsal last night for Choral Society at the Lutheran church north of campus. Echoes are the lighting systems of live vocals. Suddenly, our volume is more than adequate. We are singing Britten, Brahms, and Schumann, with soloists.

I have also been reading Ellie Harrison’s Tea Blog. One sentence in response to each cup of tea for three years. Click “random.” For example: “There is no way I’d pay 10 Euros for 2 cheese rolls,” from May 7, 2007. Also: “The later I leave it the less worthwhile it’ll be going to the studio today,” from February 10, 2007. It’s a great stalling device.

After Harrison finished Tea Blog, a book came out about this and other projects of hers that involved large amounts of data, called Confessions of a Recovering Data Collector (she also did projects involving tracking food eaten and miles traveled.) www.ellieharrison.com.

Still working on Levis paper.

a propos of nothing


Scattergories: (1) The vagaries of syllabi have me in a biRichardal weekend: Hugo, who you will remember from the POET FOUND IN THAW, and Wilbur, Mr. Pyrrhic Spondee, himself. (2) I am going to a production meeting, the first one in a long time. I understand that you don’t have to come out of retirement if you’ve never entered it. The Cat and Fiddle it’s not, but we will still manage to meet about something related to production. (3) Don’t call it a salad: couscous, cucumbers, green peppers, raisins, and chopped peanuts. And a lot of lemon juice and pepper. And with wilted spinach and leftover chopped-up potatoes on top of it. Add more lemon juice. (4) Free puntitle: “Blank Hearse.” I am going to give one away every Saturday.