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I’ll…Fly Away…

Yesterday I met with Professor Martin (we talked THE WASPS, Aristophanes, choruses, epics, Albert Lord…) and Katie at the Bechtel Center to discuss some scholarship applications. This morning I downloaded HIS DARK MATERIALS on audiobook. This afternoon, I’m meeting with Aaron Davidman one last time – hopefully to process the reading of A JERUSALEM BETWEEN US. I’m also going to try to sneak in a visit to Ellen if I can. And tonight, I fly to Indianapolis.

I’m very excited about November. I think I may finally be embracing this lifestyle, whatever it is. It was easier to pack than it has been in the past, and I woke up feeling good about the day.

I think the key is that travel days have to be days off, not work days – you have to do things that make yourself relax. It has to feel like a gift, not a chore, to be in an airport for 16 hours straight.

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My good friend Kristel, former SLE kid, EBF roomie, fellow member of the EBF Management Team of Stars, and video artist extraordinaire, has a new blog about her experiences in moving from Estonia to Vancouver. She and MiQ will arrive on December 30th, 2007.

“A record of an Estonian video fiend and a Canadian audio contortionist moving from the eastern end of Europe to the western end of Canada, after meeting in San Francisco and getting married in the middle of the Baltic Sea.”

I think this has to do with style, too – the style in which we live these days, between and among many nations and continents. Kristel, Henrique, and other friends of mine who manage to be multinational nomads are people I admire greatly. They bring worlds together. Here’s to getting out of the States in 08.

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Bienvenue a Menlo Park

I’m writing this morning from a black papasan chair in Menlo Park, where Shiyan, Meredith, Vickie and Melissa (three venture capitalists and one production manager) have a beautiful house.

It feels like home, more so because of all the Stanford-abilia around the place. Pictures of rugby matches and of friends. A giant zucchini from Ali Reichenthal’s garden is in the kitchen. Furniture I recognize from various dorms is in each room. A television the size of a bed is in one corner.

These ladies are letting me store my belongings here while I embark upon a voyage of discovery and freelancing. It really feels like home.

Our trip yesterday was lovely but long – Kersti and I drove down from Ashland in Nancy’s car, with no hitches except a jam around Redding for bridge construction. (We didn’t make it out till 2 pm, after a Dragonfly goodbye breakfast with Jeremy, Mark, Daniel, Robert, & Caitlyn. It was lovely.)

Ashland has been such a good place to me but I feel the blood coming back into my veins being in a major metropolitan area.

We went over the Bay Bridge, straight to SF, and saw her first boyfriend Travis, who’s now out and living at the very corner of Haight and Ashbury with his boyfriend Joe. We had champagne by candlelight, with owls and unicorns watching, overlooking – yes – the corner of Haight and Ashbury.
They have the entire second floor of a building. 3 rooms, a kitchen, a bathroom, a hallway, a living room. They work in the hotel industry AND the apartment is rent-controlled.

Then I drove to Menlo. I got lost several times, first on Woodside Road and then on Santa Cruz Ave, but eventually I made it. And it’s so, so, so good to be here.

The Crossover interviews continue this week, and I have an interview with TJT on Friday. It’s not exactly a vacation. But it is a great time to rest.

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Going to California

Driving to SF / Menlo Park with Kersti today, via the 5 to the 505 to the 80 to the 680 to the 880 to the 84/Dumbarton Bridge. Bay Area!!! It’ll be very surreal to see Stanford again.

Everything I own on the planet is now down to 9 boxes.
2 books,
2 files,
1 videos/dvds
1 cds
1 photos
1 weirdly shaped objects
1 papers I need to sort through (usually this is more like three, so I’m proud of that.)

Interviews proceed well – talked to Shigeru yesterday, Rob Kendt and Jeff Hatcher the day before. Next week I have a very full slate of interviews plus trying to check in with SFMT, TJT and EMMA – so we’ll see how that goes…

I babysat Rosalee yesterday and we watched Fraggle Rock, and I felt a strong identification with Gobo’s Uncle Travelin’ Matt.

I also checked in with THE LITTLE MERMAID after she was asleep – I’ve always thought that maybe my chorus obsession came from “Under The Sea.” There may be some connection there, but upon watching the number again, I’m not really sure. The movements their choruses do are much more linear and flowy, like lines, than groups.

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My Suitcase Weighs Me Down With Memories

Zack and Pam are gone. It was so much fun having them here. I’m letting the sun go down on me as I pack and playing songs that make me sad. Like”When The Night Comes” by Joe Cocker. I remember lying under a blanket senior year and floating away into a sea of self-pity on this music.

To think that he was taken for
A wise man in the Civil War,
A stalwart servant of the King –
Does that all count for anything
Now his brain has all gone poof –
It’s just Tartuffe, Tartuffe, Tartuffe.

My OSF housing is done with Tartuffe being open, but I have two more weeks here before I make my way to SF, and then north. Boy, it’d be cool if I could come back and see how Tony, etc. have grown into it later on in the run… Seattle, help me out here.