a propos of nothing, style


Last night LaCona and Cisco and I went for shabu shabu on Castro St. Incredible. I talked to her about if I need to take time off from the chorus. She thinks that there’s no reason to stop working on one thing while I try to elaborate on another. She’s probably right. The need for more realism doesn’t necessitate the end of abstract expressionism. And it would be a shame to stop now, just when I feel like I’m at the point of another breakthrough around jazz and improv and structure. But that breakthrough is going to be a lot of work. Sometimes I wonder if it really is easier to do film…

Mere & I watched Golda’s Balcony this afternoon, and I took maintenance notes – and we’re now at 2319 doing laundry. We’re going to an 80’s night in the city somewhere tonight. About two weeks till this period of sojourning in the Bay Area ends.