a propos of nothing, style


So, this actually is related to style – to stycomythia. I swear. To the idea of exact alternation. It’s downright theatrical, actually, and it’s about how patterns perpetuate themselves.

The following: Two men at a small party alternate their Ipods, one after another. Variations on the theme of country music. They give the hostess a cash “tab” for Itunes and buy songs they have to have immediately. One plays a song on his, the other on his. Ruby. The Pleasure Barons. Out of both respect and competitiveness. They alternate.

I screw up this order by trying to play some OCMS but I fail to make it work. They resume the alternating order.

This goes on until one of them has the idea, antithematically, of Journey, and the other turns out to have two Journey songs on his Ipod. He plays both. This disrupts the order of things, and the party ends shortly thereafter.

Shelby Lynne: “You can’t roll a joint on an Ipod.”